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Evolve with us.
Events held at The Sacred Space Miami are part of our commitment to 360° degree holistic health and well-being. Every event that we host offers an opportunity to connect deeply into mind, body and spirit.

Evolve with us.

Events at The Sacred Space Miami represent our commitment to 360° holistic health and well-being. Every event that we host offers an opportunity to connect deeper in mind, body and spirit.


TUNE - Saturday, August 14th 6-8PM
Sunday Soul - Sunday, August 15th 11AM-1PM
$40 for one session | $70 for both

The 360 returns to The Sacred Space Miami. Join Amber Ryan for a Saturday night TUNE and Sunday Soul.

Rooted. Connected. Soul - Full. A Sonic Dance Journey with Amber Ryan.

Sunday Soul
Let's come together in community to move and merge body and soul into a state of ecstatic bliss.

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Friday, August 20th 7-10PM

Join Frequency @ Sacred Space Miami for a night of Breathwork, energy healing, guided meditation, movement and human connection at Sacred Space Miami. Ria Ray, energy healer and NOA|AON, Breathwork Guide and DJ, will lead a soulful experience to retune your unique Frequency. Involution is the evolution of the soul. It requires us to go deep within. Through breathwork, meditation, healing beats and sound, Ria and Pavel will help you turn up the volume on who you really are and eliminate the static and dissonance that might be holding you back. When we learn to accept who we truly are, beings of love, we can learn to accept all parts of all others. We can connect on a deeper and higher level with others and with the world around us.

This is a three hour workshop that will offer you a foundation for what breathwork and energy is and how these practices work on a physical, emotional and energetic level.

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Saturday, August 21st 9-10AM

The Summer Series is an invitation to get outside, to reconnect, with the environment, with each other, with ourselves.

A 60-minute cathartic workout experience. Teachers will lead students through the fire of The Class in a safe outdoor setting. You’ll walk away inspired by your surroundings while having an experience that will connect you with the environment, your body, your heart, and the people around you. Let's begin.

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