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Evolve with us.
Events held at The Sacred Space Miami are part of our commitment to 360° degree holistic health and well-being. Every event that we host offers an opportunity to connect deeply into mind, body and spirit.

Evolve with us!

Events at The Sacred Space Miami represent our commitment to 360° holistic health and well-being. Every event that we host offers an opportunity to connect deeper in mind, body and spirit.

Group Breathwork with Stepi Wald

Every Tuesday through September, 6:30PM-8PM


Group breathwork session

Let go of the day and embark on a conscious connected breathwork journey guided by Stepi Walds' voice from Willfly Breathwork along with an elevating playlist that keeps you breathing, going and flowing for 1.5 hrs. An invitation to go beyond the mind and to release tension, stress, confusion and anxiety from the body. Stephi will introduce the breath technique and end with reflection and sharing among the like minded community on the secluded gem The Sacred Space in the middle of Miami. Participants say they feel light, focused, renewed, relaxed and re-energized, and that it helped them faster than 10 years of talk-therapy. You'll feel 100% different before and after a session


Resonance Voyage: 11/11 Renewal

Thursday, November 11th 7-9PM


A Sound Healing & Movement Expedition

11/11 symbolizes new beginnings, success and inspiration. It encourages you to align with your soul in order to create your own life. This number also resonates with self-development and creation. It is the perfect portal to create new habits through spiritual practice.

Embark on the Resonance Voyage in the magical, luxurious sanctuary of The Sacred Space Miami. Led by international drummer and gong master, Daniel Higuera, and sound facilitator & yogi , Michelle Berlin. The journey begins with yoga, movement and dance to enliven the body. We continue with breath work to open the mind, and ends with an expansive sound experience that invokes spiritual awakening.

Michelle and Daniel create uplifting sonic narratives that induce euphoric states of consciousness. With over 20 years of combined sound therapy experience, Daniel and Michelle are open-hearted guides whose approach is gentle and relatable.

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