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Evolve with us.
Events held at The Sacred Space Miami are part of our commitment to 360° degree holistic health and well-being. Every event that we host offers an opportunity to connect deeply into mind, body and spirit.

Evolve with us!

Events at The Sacred Space Miami represent our commitment to 360° holistic health and well-being. Every event that we host offers an opportunity to connect deeper in mind, body and spirit.

Point Zero Experience

January 16th


New Beginnings, the best way to start a new beginning is with an Open Heart.
This meditation is geared towards activating your heart and using this powerful bridge to connect all parts of ourselves. We will release any blocks, MAKE SPACE, and receive a deeper sense of trust in the universe. It is through LOVE that all things are possible.
Tapping into the practices of Kundalini, Breathwork techniques and meditation, we are excited to bring our profound and powerful Point Zero method to you for a mind-body journey!
Headphones are limited, do not wait to register.

Fred Busch Power Yoga and Advanced Meditation Teacher Training

January 22nd - February 20th
Monday - Wednesday - Friday | 6PM - 9PM
Saturday and Sudnay | 9AM - 4PM

200 Hour Yoga Alliance Accredited Fred Busch Power Yoga and Advanced Meditation Teacher Training.

Fred Busch Power Yoga and Advanced Meditation Teacher Training with MIami Yoga’s founder Fred Busch. Join us for this rare opportunity to study and practice yoga live or online with Fred Busch, founding member of the Miami Yoga and Wellness Community.   Open to students of all levels, this Training is both for people who wish to be professional Yoga Teachers as well as those who wish to deepen their personal practice and transform their life for the better.

Fred Busch Yoga emphasizes safety and individual application of the Yoga system.  

The FLOSS Miami Experience

January 23rd, 9:30AM-11AM


It’s not really stretching, it’s Flossing. Fascia Flossing is a new way to stretch and rejuvenates our connective tissue from the inside-out.


It's active. It's engaged. It's mindful. It's connected.

This practice requires the student to interact with their own healing, put effort in and your tissue changes…What about that tough knotty spot? You have found the most sustainable and fastest way to become more comfortable and feel spacious in your body. (Bonus of Flossing: smooth insides means smooth outsides).

Join Bon & The Floss for this special workshop and learn how engaging while you elongate will change your connective tissue for good! You will learn how to target specific tight areas and interface with your body on a deeper level. Introduction to 5 Element Theory - Map the body with the ancient wisdom of Eastern Traditional Medicine and the connective tissue channels. This body road map can provide clues along the road to wellness.

What is fascia?

Fascia is the body’s scaffolding, the tissue that connects all other tissues. The impact of this energy and communication network is in direct correlation to our overall health. Fascia Flossing provides a way to unbind, and de-layer densified connective tissue that leads to a more comfortable, spacious and energetic body.


Soul Reset with Ria Ray

January 30th | 9:30AM - 11:00AM


Realize your truth
Experience self-love
Strengthen your soul
Trust yourself

REST is a meditative force of love.

Surrender into what is real within you. Meet the noise inside and listen. Be fearless and unlock the hidden. breathe deep. relax. Drift deeper and let the warmth of your soul illuminate what you need to see. Stay gentle. Use your breath to open the spaces that are tight. Forgive. Release judgment. Let light flow in and allow your truth to find you. Allow your soul to guide you into resolve.

Give up the chaos and give into peace. Breathe deeper. Exhale and let go again. Choose clarity. Allow the alchemy of your true self to emerge and create beauty inside. Slow down and release all outcomes. Trust that only what you need to evolve into more love can exist. Surrender and experience the stillness of self-love. It is that stillness that will create the momentum to move you forward on your path.

Join Ria Ray for a transformative REST meditation. Ria Ray will lead you into self-love with a blend of breathing, energy work, visualization and meditation. She will teach you how to let go, self-heal and live life as your authentic self.


Weekly Programming

Miami Ice Club

Mondays and Wednesdays | 7:30AM - 8:30AM
Fridays | 6PM - 7:30PM


The Miami Ice Club is a membership community that offers regular classes for people to practice Cold Exposure, Breathwork and Mindset training (Wim Hof Method), and has consistently been growing since its creation in late 2018.
By being the only space in Miami providing the guidance of qualified instructors, a safe and clean space for breathwork sessions, and consistently cold ice baths, the Ice Club has quickly developed a cult following of successful, daring individuals interested in being Happy, Healthy and Strong.
Founded in late 2018 by its Director, Donato Helbling, the Miami Ice Club provides a safe, fun space for people to practice the Wim Hof Method, and other Cold Exposure and Breathwork based practices.

Group Breathwork with Stephi Wald

Every Tuesday, 6:30PM-8PM


Group breathwork session

Let go of the day and embark on a conscious connected breathwork journey guided by Stephi Walds' voice from Willfly Breathwork along with an elevating playlist that keeps you breathing, going and flowing for 1.5 hrs. An invitation to go beyond the mind and to release tension, stress, confusion and anxiety from the body. Stephi will introduce the breath technique and end with reflection and sharing among the like minded community on the secluded gem The Sacred Space in the middle of Miami. Participants say they feel light, focused, renewed, relaxed and re-energized, and that it helped them faster than 10 years of talk-therapy. You'll feel 100% different before and after a session

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