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Our Founder's Top Picks

While every product in Flow is selected with the utmost intention and care, these are this month's top three "must have" products highlighted by our founder, Karla Dascal.    

Flow is an integrated wellness and lifestyle store located in the heart of The Sacred Space Miami. All of our products inspire personal transformation. In our own quest for a holistic lifestyle, we have brought together the most exclusive, authentic and quality collection for the whole being mind, body and spirit.

Our Philosophy

Utilizing ancient and modern philosophies from both eastern and western traditions, we believe in cultivating inner beauty, while also nourishing outer beauty with nature’s purest and most potent ingredients. Inextricably linked to the whole being, we believe health is beauty. Our shelves are lined with the highest-quality green beauty products, healing elixirs and sustainable tinctures. Amongst our shelves, you will find treasures such as preventative and healing adaptogens, Ayurvedic superfoods, Chinese herbs, Amazonian Cacao, faceted crystals and tools for energy rituals. We are committed to an elevated lifestyle for our community, and offer tools to assist in your journey towards holistic health and wellbeing.