Sacred Space Miami


Programing at the Sacred Space is brought to life with the utmost intentionality, research, and devotion. Coupling innovative practices with history’s most ancient traditions, we bring our principles to life by delivering effective tools, meaningful resources, and dynamic education to our community.

Uniting Experts & Idealogical Paths

We unite experts and cutting-edge studies from around the world, many disciplines and various ideological paths. The leaders, healers and speakers gathering at our space may include anyone from prominent integrative doctors, kundalini masters, Buddhist monks, professionals in cannabis education, acclaimed shamans and people devoting their life to research and evolution. A few of our previously hosted guests include: Dr. Gabriel Cousens of The Tree of Life, Jack Kornfield, Don Miguel Ruiz, David Wolfe, Debbie Ford, Gurmukh, Guru Jagat, Simrit Kaur, Jai Uttal, Mia Astral, Marianne Williamson, Mama Medicine, Amanda Chantal Bacon of Moon Juice, The Class by Taryn Toomey, 5Rythms Heartbeat with Amber Ryan, Julie Piatt and Rich Roll and many others.

Holistic & Integrative Experiences

We believe in the healing powers of functional medicine, cathartic movement practices, sound therapy, and the technology of kundalini yoga. Everything is curated for assisting in the journey towards personal growth. A variety of holistic and integrative experiences, trainings, events and workshops are offered, providing accessible and attainable transformation.

Conscious Partnerships

The Sacred Space Miami was born out of Karla's story and experiences, creating an urban oasis and gateway to high vibrational living through tools, practices, products and education. Everything that you see and experience here is based on her passion for a curated approach to holistic wellness, plant-based cuisine, and faith in personal development. By realigning and redesigning her life, all of Karla’s businesses and business ventures now coexist within this holistic framework. Karla dedicates her life to educating the local community and offering a holistic and wellness destination in the city and treats this responsibility and opportunity as an honor. She strives to create small ripples of inspiration, contributing to evolution for the whole person: mind, body spirit and soul, ultimately fostering deeper and meaningful change for everyone entering and experiencing The Sacred Space Miami.

Empowering Organizations

We encourage businesses in empowering their employees. Through our custom-created programming companies may reap benefits such as an elevated work place ethos, stronger team dynamics, and improved time management—all proven techniques for increasing overall efficiencies and productivity along the way.