At Paradise Farms we have integrated every possible avenue to create the most nutrient dense, delicious and healing harvests possible. We are known the world over for having incorporated the principles of sacred geometry and Feng Shui, regenerative and organic farming, as well as for focusing on a variety of crops, including medicinal herbs, tropical fruits and rare mushrooms.

Our 4th annual CSA season will start on Nov.mber 2023. Stay tune for registration.

Visit The Market at:
Saturday’s 9am - 2pm: Legion Park Farmers Market

Organic Farming

Carrying on Gabrielle Marewski’s vision, our farm incorporates sustainability principles and regenerative farming practices. Recognizing the value and vibration in everything from the atom, plants, insects, animals, and people. We are certified organic by Quality Certification Services from Gainesville. As conscious and vegetarian farmers, we do not allow any meat or meat products on the ground, and we are a smoke-free facility.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy and ingredients are simple: natural, organic elements, love and intention. Every process and crop is seen and touched by us. From every weed pulled, each seed sown, and the harvest of our crops. We pride ourselves on our sustainable practices and vibrant, organic produce, as they embody holistic wellness and represent the highest expression of our farm and our beliefs. We proudly provide our organic crops to renowned restaurants and chefs in the Miami area and beyond, directly from our farm, as well as supplying the Met International School Miami’s garden-to-table curriculum and organic lunch program.

Vibrant Organic Produce

Paradise Farm’s offerings include a variety of categories, including: specialty micro greens, 67 varieties of edible flowers, a popular baby greens mix, assorted basil and mint tops, baby root vegetables, oyster mushrooms, and raw honey. An array of tropical fruits are also harvested from the land, including carambola, jackfruit, monstera, mango, avocado, cotton candy fruit and bananas.


We proudly provide farm-to-chef our organic crops to the most renowned restaurants in the Miami area, and also supply the Met International School Miami’s garden-to-table curriculum and organic lunch program.

Let's Get Growing