Sacred Space Miami

The Sacred Space Miami delivers a modern approach to sensory experiences designed for awakening the highest potential and radiant vibration for all. These modalities come to life through our Sacred Programming, Plant Miami’s plant-based cuisine, Flow’s curated wellness product offerings, Plant Culinary’s living-foods academy, and Paradise Farm’s biodynamic harvest and retreats.

Elevating Consciousness

We are committed to elevating consciousness through our lifestyle brand for expansive living. Empowering and inspiring through our commitment towards wellness, education, nutrition, sustainability and community, our brand is guided by fundamental holistic philosophies. The knowledge and tools we offer enables evolution for the whole person mind, body, spirit and soul.

Inspired Programming

Our dedication towards the highest standards fuels the roster of internationally prominent healers, integrative doctors, and spiritual teachers. Marrying cutting-edge research with deeply-rooted philosophies and traditions, our programming offers a modern method to the world’s most ancient practices. Ideologies of Integrative health, functional medicine and prevention are at the heart of our brand. Coupling this foundation with inspired instruments - the old and the new - supports growth on both the cellular and collective levels.

Vibrant Plant-Powered Nourishment

We celebrate the healing forces of plant-empowered nourishment. Our certified biodynamic Paradise Farms will include holistic wellness retreats, and harvests farm-to-chef organic microgreens, exotic fruits and vegetables, oyster mushrooms, medicinal herbs, and 67 varieties of edible flowers. These same plant-powered ingredients appear in the dishes of Plant Miami, our Certified Kosher, organic and seasonally-inspired restaurant. Also offering an educational space, Plant Culinary teaches about plant-based cuisine embodying the principles of functional nutrition.

Sacred Objects & Rituals

Lining the shelves at Flow, our curated wellness shop, an ancient wisdom comes to life through the high-vibration self-care tools and rituals, such as healing adaptogens, Ayurvedic superfoods, Chinese herbs, faceted crystals and beautiful sage smudges. These tools complement the potent practices cultivated from the life-elevating classes offered through our Sacred programming. As a whole, these spaces bring to life our brand’s mission, and inspire through tools, education and practices on the path towards personal evolution.