About the Event


FRID MARCH 6 | 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

David Newman and his bhakti bliss band are excited to be bringing the #LOVEWINS movement to Miami on March 6th, 2020! David’s music fuses sacred mantras, inspiring lyrics and modern musicality together for a transcendent experience grounded in tradition and steeped in love. This event is designed for all ages, nationalities, and faiths to come together to experience something positive and real as we join our voices and hearts in community to celebrate a message of peace and unity.

Come steep in the healing vibrations of kirtan chant and tap into the ecstatic joy of a shared musical adventure. Join us and lend your voice to the song, your body to the dance, and your heart to the LOVE!

“David Newman is reminiscent of George Harrison, Dylan and Paul Simon when they are in soul mode.”

- LA Yoga Magazine

“At David Newman’s concert, the event’s volume knob seemed to go from low-level joy to full-on bliss, the kind you feel after climbing a gorgeous mountain or ending a tough run on a strong sprint. Strangers hugged and danced wildly.”

- The Washington Post

“Though David Newman has a deep sense of tradition in his music, there is also something thoughtful, poetic, personal, and almost romantic about his songs.”

- Yoga Journal

About the Presenter:

David Newman is a renowned sacred mantra artist, singer-songwriter, author, and inspirational teacher. David, also known as Durga Das, has released numerous acclaimed world music albums, including the #1 iTunes World Music bestseller Love is Awake on which he collaborated with members of Paul Simon’s band. In addition to his mastery of the ancient yogic mantra practice known as kirtan, David’s adventurous musicality, and poetic intimacy as a vocalist and songwriter, bring a unique and exhilarating musical experience to his devoted fan base around the world. Along with his musical gifts, David is also a celebrated teacher and guide for many on the spiritual path, and is the author of the #1 Amazon bestselling book The Time bound Traveler. His message of peace and universal love also permeates his charitable endeavors, bringing mantra and healing music to institutions such as prisons, psychiatric centers and homeless shelters.

Early Bird: $30

General Admission: $35