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Numerology is the language of the Stars and Universe.  Each number has its own energetic meaning and its own vibratory influence.  Synchronicity begins to happen once we become aware of all the patterns surrounding us.

Join Celebrity Coaches, Janet Namaste and Jennifer Grace to learn the Language of the Universe to unlock the hidden messages all around us!

In this workshop you will:

  1. Discover the energetic meaning of the numbers 0-9 so that you can better help your clients and your loved ones make informed decisions.
  2. Learn how to decipher your soul’s essence utilizing the day you were born so that you can better understand your life purpose. 
  3. Discern when you, your clients, or your family members are on the right path utilizing numerology so that everyone can move forward with confidence.
  4. Learn the strengths of an individual's numerological blueprint so that you can enhance these strengths to create more abundance and joy.
  5. Uncover information about an individual’s mission, life lesson, motivation, purpose, relationships and talent so that there is deep clarity and insight on what action steps to take.

About the Presenters:

Janet Namaste

Celebrity Intuitive Life Coach, Janet Namaste has empowered thousands of clients to understand their life experiences.  She is a Mind, Body, Wellness Practitioner with a Bachelor of Arts in Education with additional training in Computer Science. She completed Life Coaching certification and holds a Creativity in Business Master’s Degree from Stanford University focusing on Hypnotherapy and Regression Therapy. She is a skilled Clairvoyant, Claircognizant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, and a Reiki Master with over 25 years of experience. Janet is the lead trainer in New York City for the Stanford Program where she teaches privately and in the New York Department of Education for staff members and children ages 8 and above. She has dedicated her life to teaching Mindfulness for all ages and enriching the lives of others through her skills as an Intuitive Empath.  She is an expert Transformational Coach dedicated to helping others discover their personal dreams and launch them into reality. For more info visit

Jennifer Grace

Celebrity Coach Jennifer Grace, was voted Miami’s number #1 Life Coach by New Times in both 2016 and 2017. She is a motivational speaker, radio show host, and Hay House author whose book, Directing Your Destiny was published in 2013. Her next book, Drop the Rope, will be released in Fall 2019.

Based on the famed Stanford University Master’s Degree Course “Creativity in Business” the program, CIJ Clarity Catalyst, helps students get crystal clear in who they are and what they want. It empowers them with practical mindfulness tools and proven emotional intelligence techniques to discover the next powerful chapter in their lives.

Jennifer currently leads workshops and courses in Miami at The Standard Spa, where she is the Resident Life Coach, as well as online. Over the last eight years she has traveled to fifteen different exotic destinations, including Bali, India, and Africa. She and her retreat participants have raised over $50,000 to help communities in need worldwide with her give-back retreats. For more information visit

Important Note:

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