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Strength is the New Beauty will kick off with a 25 minute workout that is Balanced between Power  (high intensity exercises) and Mobility (yoga and core work) all curated to a playlist that flows with the movements. Afterward, Kellie Williams will speak about ways that you can create this balance of being both powerful and confident, yet mobile and fluid as you move through life.

About the Presenter:

Personal Trainer. Bootcamp Instructor. Yoga Teacher. Motivational Speaker. Fitness Enthusiast. Confidence Builder. These are just a few of the phrases that are synonymous with Kellie Williams. My fitness journey started over two decades ago when my father drove me to the local high school track and started training me. My father trained me not only to run. But to run with proper form. Chest up. Eyes forward. Hands relaxed. On your toes. Breathe. I learned that it wasn't about how fast you looked, but how strong and confident you felt. I took these cues, these life lessons, from elementary, to middle school, high school, college, and right to my clients. I understand that what ends with the body, starts with the mind. The way you train for your race, was the way you ran your race. I’m not talking about the track anymore. No. I’m talking in life. The way you train for this race called life, is the way you’re running it. Are you training in this life with integrity, with honesty, with pride, with humility, with confidence? This is what creates the strongest and most beautiful you. Give me the goals that last a lifetime and leave a legacy. Honesty, Effort, Integrity, Perseverance, Determination, and Confidence..make these your goals and the rest will come, I guarantee. Indeed the body will achieve what the mind lets start there. What does your mind believe you are capable of? Now, go be that.

Important Note:

This workshop will take place on Instagram. Follow @SacredSpaceMiami and tune in on Monday July 19 from 12:30PM - 1:15PM EDT. See 'Tune In' link above to access The Sacred Space Miami Instagram account.


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