United Other

Closely Incense Ropes


Box of 8 ritual Incense Ropes, hand-rolled and hand-dyed with all natural ingredients, by Ellen Nguyen of United Other.

Finally expressing everything that's been held closely in the heart but could not find the voice to say until now. We are the same heart beating, the same eyes looking, the same love lived. 


  • PATCHOULI • Arousing Sensuality, Confidence & Freedom
  • PALO SANTO • Clears Energy, Heightens Creativity & Cosmic Connections
  • OAKMOSS • Grounding, Enhances Sensitivity & Awareness
  • DAMMAR • Clears, Aligns & Opens Awareness

BURN TIME | 30-40 Min Per Rope


Set your intentions
Light the tip of the incense
Fan out after a few seconds
Place on a heat safe surface
Clear your thoughts
Go Within


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