Rechargable Vape


Wildflower's Rechargeable Vaporizer Starter Kit has everything you need to start adding CBD+ to your daily wellness routine. With every starter kit, you get a choice of either our ACHES or IMMUNITY cartomizer. Our new rechargeable vaporizer is designed to be ultra-compact and simple to use while minimizing environmental impact. The case fits one pen with cartomizer attached with space for an extra cartomizer for convenient storage of a backup or an additional blend. Both the pen battery and the charging case come with a USB charger, allowing up to 2 weeks of use on a full charge. 

Easy to use.

Rechargeable case and pen battery
Battery lasts up to 2 weeks on a single charge
The kit comes with a single cartomizer, but the case can hold 2 Wildflower cartomizer blends for convenience
Slim and compact design
Easy to use

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