Inspired by fire’s power to hypnotize, this White Sage formula taps into ancient recipes designed to heighten cognition, boost memory recall and tune out that which does not serve us. 

Formulated with powerful herbs from Western, Chinese and Ayurvedic repertoires that have traditionally been used to increase concentration and resist distraction. Its cumulative effect on greater cognitive health promotes a greater resilience to stress. 

For consistent benefit and relief, we recommend incorporating this body-optimized formula into your daily wellness ritual. The selected herbs that possess constituents which support various organ systems and tissue functioning. When consumed daily in both traditional and practical delivery methods, this botanical blend will supplement even the most disciplined natural diet.

Focus will be most effective if taken consistently for an extended period of time without interruption, usually for several weeks.

Organic White Sage Leaves Organic Ginseng Root Organic Milky Oat Seed Organic Lion’s Mane Organic Bacopa Leaves Organic Rosemary Leaves Organic Gotu Kola

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