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Sample Incense Box


Through extensive research and explorations of sacred woods, herbs, and tree resins from all around the world, each incense blend is intended to create an atmosphere of peace as well as serve a powerful purpose. From hand-dying the Nepalese paper to rolling each incense rope by hand, United Other crafted their incense blends in small batches to ensure the highest quality, and all created in their home city of L.A. The Tibetan-style incense ropes offer a pure and all-natural incense experience because they don't contain any charcoal, binding additives, and synthetic fragrances.Experience all four ritual incense blends in this sample box—convenient and great for travel as well! Includes: Freely: hinoki, palo santo, copal. Truly: palo santo, yerba santa, breuzinho. Cosmically: boswellia sacra, frankincense, dammar. Nightly: cedar leaves, lavendar, breuzinho.

Burn Time: 30-40 minutes per rope 


FREELY | Be Present In The Moment

Hinoki • Palo Santo • Copal

TRULY | Live Your True Purpose

Palo Santo • Yerba Santa • Breuzinho

COSMICALLY | One With The Universe

Boswellia Sacra • Frankincense • Dammar

NIGHTLY | Release The Day

Cedar Leaves • Lavender • Breuzinho


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