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Skin Food + Prebiotic


Collagen provides firmness and elasticity to our skin. From the age of about 20, our levels of collagen begin dropping by 1% each year, which results in the aging process. Data on ingesting collagen is new and unstable, which is why you won't find it it any of our skin supplements. Instead, we use clinically proven, collagen-stimulating ingredients from whole food sources to boost your body's own production. This formula delivers vitamin c, zinc, and beta-carotene via organic lucuma, baobab + camu camu berry powder to leave skin looking smoother + brighter. 

Every day in the morning or at night. Stir in almond milk or water, add to smoothies + shakes or stir into oatmeal or yogurt

Inulin, Pouteria Iucuma (Lucuma) fruit, Adansonia (Baobab) fruit, Camu Camu, Brown rice (grain) protein.

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