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WED JUNE 3 | 10:00AM - 11:00AM

What is the KALOS Experience? A combination of heart-centered mat-based movement with cardiovascular intervals, yoga flow, meditation and stretch!  The session will begin with brief discussion on the philosophy of the KALOS Experience - which translates to “goodness that inspires” - and this will be followed by 45 minutes of total mind/body dynamic movement movement.  You will sweat but leave grounded and empowered. Transcend your static sweat session into a total mind/body dynamic movement experience! KALOS distinguishes itself from other methods with a focus on breath awareness, heart-rate variability, self and community connection. 

About the Presenter:

Julia Harkleroad is a clinically licensed psychotherapist and mindfulness coach. She is the “mind” behind KALOS and brings years of experience working with people “stuck” in negative energy states, weighed down by trauma, grief and stress to the design and philosophy of the KALOS Experience. At age 12, Julia self-diagnosed and sought treatment for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. In college, she re-entered treatment for major depression with suicidal ideation. Working from the inside out herself, Julia is a case study in the power of physical movement paired with breathing techniques to master depression, anxiety and self-hate. Looking for a way to mobilize mindfulness and an outlet to express and teach others these mind/body methods, Julia found KALOS Experience.

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