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WED APRIL 1 | 7:00 PM - 8:15 PM

The idea that "Laughter is the Best Medicine" has been practiced across time and cultures, back to the Greek and Roman comedies. Laughter benefits the body mind and spirit in a multitude of ways. Sometimes we forget to pause and see all the good around us.  It is easy for the brain to focus on what is not working.  Laughter and Joy connect us and open our brain and senses to each other in a positive vibration.  Laughing boosts the immune system!  Laughter clears the lungs and tones the abdominals - especially when we really let go and laugh deeply and fully.  Most importantly - when we fake laugh - when we just go, "ha ha ha, ho ho ho"  our brain thinks we are happy! Our brains do not know the difference between a real and a fake laugh - so if we just, "ha ha ha, ho ho ho" we get all the benefits.  And when we come together and laugh, and feel how interconnected we all are, we probably start to laugh for real.  No experience necessary.  Totally OK to feel weird about it.  Just jump in with an open mind, feel the breath, body, mind, and heart expand to spaciousness!

About the Presenter: 

Marisa Sullivan is a radical visionary and pioneer in the field of holistic women’s health, fusing age old women’s wisdom with modern method. She is a yoga therapist of 30 years experience and training, a Tantrika, a medium, a sexual educator and anatomist, Reiki master, and an ordained minister.  She is also the proud mother of a young daughter, now in her early teens. Marisa’s own self care includes aligning with Joy through ritual, journaling, and movement.  She is dedicated to releasing whatever holds her back from serving the highest good.

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