Four Sigmatic

Matcha Mushroom


Four Sigmatic Mushroom Matcha contains that organic, ceremonial grade good stuff with a powerful dose of our brain-hugging lion’s mane mushroom and ginger. Some might say, it’s a matcha made in heaven.

Drink in the morning to start your day
Sip in the afternoon to give your brain a hug
Ready to drink with hot or cold water
Enhance with your choice of nut milk
Stir in your favorite natural sweetener
Blend in coconut oil or ghee for a creamier texture
Mix with your ice cream!
Sprinkle on waffles or bake with cookies

organic, ceremonial grade matcha powder is made from stone-ground tea leaves, which makes the matcha suitable for a thick-style tea. Organic Lion's Mane powder, Organic Astralagus, Ginger

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